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Nepali children

Nursing training programme, General Hospiral, Nepal

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Nepali farmer, mental health mobile clinic, Ilam, Eastern Nepal

Appointment with psychiatrist, mental health mobile clinic, Ilam, Eastern Nepal

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“Domestic violence & emotional abuse”, graffiti, central Kathmandu, Nepal

Nurse at work, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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Bringing new life to a psychiatric unit, Kathmandu valley, Nepal

Community mental health volunteers, Ilam, Eastern Nepal

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Watching the sunset by the sea, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Fisherman, West Coast, Sri Lanka

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Children playing on the street, Gorkha, Nepal

Nursing staff, Kathmandu, Nepal

working together for global mental health



“ Continuing professional development is very important to us, nurses. It helps us keeping UpToDate with latest evidence-based nursing practice, to acquire new knowledge and skills, and to provide high quality care to patients”

Urmila Shrestha
Nursing Matron, NMC, Nepal

“Nurses need to be valued; our voice needs to be heard. There are not enough of us to meet the huge needs of people experiencing mental health problems.”

Ward Sister, Psychiatric Inpatient Unit, NMC, Nepal

“As a General Staff Nurse, it is very important to know how to address the emotional needs of those under my care.

Our experience (as nurses) is not always recognised and appreciated by others. Unity in Health has helped me realise that I am of value to myself and others.”

Rekha Karanjit
Staff Nurse, Haemodialysis Unit

“Unity in Health’s educators helped me understand the importance of offering person-centred care on the ward. Being a good listener and caring towards those we work with can really make a difference in their process of recovery”

Pratikshya Rai
Staff Nurse, Psychiatric Inpatient Unit, NMC, Nepal

“In our communities, we don’t like to talk about mental health. It’s like an iceberg, we only see its tip, but we know that it is there, that is large and very deep. It’s hidden from everything and everyone. At our health post, we see more and more people presenting mental and emotional problems. Bringing mental health care to our region is therefore very important to us, and to the well-being of our remote hilly communities”

Bal Krishna Phuyal
Health Assistant, Ilam, Eastern Nepal

“I was driving along the Kathmandu valley when I witnessed a serious road traffic accident – a young man on a motorbike collided with a truck. He collapsed on the floor, with a fractured arm, bleeding heavily. Although he was quickly surrounded by bystanders, nobody helped him. Instinctively, I rushed out of my car, and after checking he was conscious and alert, folded my scarf into an arm sling. With it, I managed to reduce the bleeding, and to support his arm. I then drove him to the nearest health post, ensuring he was as calm and comfortable as possible throughout the journey. I could not have helped him in this moment of distress without the skills learnt at Unity in Health’s First Aid course. I felt proud of myself, and confident that I can support others in similar challenging situations until specialist help is available.”

Manju KC
Community Health Worker, KOSHISH, Nepal

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