Brexit: implications for the voluntary sector

The European Union membership referendum took place on Thursday June 23rd 2016. Two months have passed,; the result and its implications to the United Kingdom’s economic and social fabric continue to raise heated debates, and there is great uncertainty around its effect on the country’s relationship with other nations in and outside the Union.

Although its long-term impact remains difficult to predict, there are clear and immediate risks to voluntary organisations and their invaluable work both in the UK and overseas. According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), implications for charities and community groups include “political uncertainty, slow progress on government policy change, and potential financial challenges”. 


Credit: Olswang

The NCVO predicts that once the UK is out of the EU, UK-based NGOs will no longer be eligible to apply for any form of EU funding; A gradual drop in giving is also expected, and the impact will be greatest on organisations working abroad.

More than ever, and in a time of great division, voluntary organisations must strengthen their role in bringing communities together, and in providing a strong, independent and robust voice which protects rights and influences the overall public and political debate. Despite the immensity of all the challenges that lie ahead, UiH is determined to continue working for global health, and to fight for a fairer, more inclusive and just world for all.

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