Exchanging experiences in Psychology

UiH is delighted to welcome to Nepal Psychology volunteer students Selma, Jan and Tobias. These three enthusiastic final year undergraduates from the University of Würzburg, Germany, will be in the country for over two months, working alongside UiH and our partners the NMC, Tribhuvan University and Aashadeep. They will share learning experiences with fellow Nepalese students and teachers and engage in an array of activities targeted at people in need of psychological and emotional support.
UiH’s volunteer student programme encourages students to be aware of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning, and supports the creation of platforms of international learning where future health professionals can exchange knowledge, resources and skills for the benefit of the overall mental health care community.

Jan, Tobias and Selma with Luvana Shrestha, UiH Office, Kathmandu.  |  Credit: UiH