Mental health awareness course for general nurses is launched

Nurses play a central role in improving health standards. This month of November, Unity in Health launched its new training programme in mental health awareness for general nurses working at the Nepal Medical College, Kathmandu. Divided in three modules, this course offers nurses working on general wards an insight into the mental health and emotional needs of patients coming into hospital, regardless of their health status and condition. 25 nurses completed Module I of the course — “Stress Management and Effective Communication”. Module II and II will be delivered in the Spring of 2019. Over the next two years more than 200 nurses are expected to attend this course, the first of its kind at this major health care teaching institution. Empowering nurses is at the centre of Unity in Health’s work. In the near future, more of such training opportunities will be planned and delivered in Nepal and beyond, as a means to upgrade the mental health care skills of nurses working across South Asia, improve their confidence, and encourage them to have a leading role in mental health service delivery.