Mental health funding and the SDGs – What now and who pays?

Mental health funding and the SDGs

A new, detailed and impressive report entitled “Mental health funding and the SDGs – what now and who pays?” was launched by the Overseas Development Institute in May 2016, raising important questions around the current and future scenario of mental health funding in an international development context. In this report, authors Jessica Mackenzie and Christie Kesner offer an insightful perspective on the needs of the global mental health sector and associated current funding challenges, and consider why and how mental health funding needs to change; in addition, the report provides suggestions of who could fund mental health related projects in the future, and how best to engage with donors and those potentially interested in an area which remains critically underfunded.

The report was presented to different international mental health related organisations, including UiH, at the Overseas Development Institute headquarters in London on the 19th of May. This was done at the public event: Mental Health: The World’s Forgotten Crisis, a debate on how we address and make progress on mental health around the world. UiH wishes to congratulate both the ODI and the authors of the new report for the excellent work and efforts made in raising the profile and visibility of the international mental health cause.

The above report is available for downloading on: