Mental Health Training Programme, Nepal

Unity in Health’s mental health training programme in Nepal continues full steam ahead, with volunteers working alongside KOSHISH’s health and social care staff

Credit: Unity in Health (UiH)

Throughout October and November volunteers were involved in the running of different workshops and training sessions for nurses, healthcare assistants and outreach workers based at KOSHISH’s Female and Male Transit Homes – services where people experiencing severe mental health problems receive temporary care and support. Themes covered included the Essence of Nursing Care, Nursing Assessments and the Mental State Examination, and Emergency & Crisis in Mental Health Care settings.

Credit: Unity in Health (UiH)

Staff at KOSHISH’s Transit Homes can only be described as real heroes – their knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm for the work done at the homes and beyond its gates is both admirable and contagious. Unity in Health is proud to work alongside such extraordinary individuals, keen to exchange knowledge and practical skills in mental health, and improve the quality of mental health care available to some of Nepal’s most marginalised social groups.

Credit: Unity in Health (UiH)