Unity in Health (UiH) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales since 2014 (Registered Charity Number: 1159008).

UiH’s mission is to contribute to the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people living in low and middle income countries, by supporting the training and professional development of local health care work forces, as well as of those with no formal health care education yet who assume the role of carers where professionals are absent.

Numbers of trained health professionals across the globe remain patchy and unequal. In some regions, and in particular in those affected by war or suffering from chronic deprivation of essential resources, severe shortages of qualified staff leave entire communities unable to meet their most basic needs, and at risk of disease, prolonged ill-health, and of falling into further poverty. At UiH, we are committed to promoting the education and empowerment of our nursing and allied health professional colleagues practicing in developing countries. We encourage bilateral exchanges of knowledge and professional experience, and support the creation of skillful work forces which can have a central role in the reduction of health inequalities worldwide.