Reconnecting with Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of varied landscapes, rich in natural resources and with a magnificent cultural heritage. As one of South Asia’s fastest growing economies, over the past decade Sri Lanka witnessed significant progress in health population outcomes. Mental health, like other areas of health care, experienced positive changes reflected in more trained professionals, more community outreach work, and greater interest in the needs of those affected by mental illness. Despite the above, much remains to be done. This November, Unity in Health re-connected with several of its Sri Lankan partner organisations, with the purpose of launching new projects in the country. In addition to supporting local mental health initiatives, over the coming years and together with Sri Lankan-based organisations and professionals, Unity in Health will develop an intra-South Asian cooperation programme, encouraging Sri Lankan health professionals to take part in skills exchange programmes with their counterparts in Nepal, and vice-versa. Developing and maintaining flows of knowledge, skills and resources between different countries is at the heart of Unity in Health’s mission. We look forward to building a new bridge between Sri Lanka and Nepal and encourage the growth of a South Asian movement united for the needs of those affected by mental illness in the region.