Unity in Health joins forces with Chora Chori Nepal

There are many emergencies which you barely hear about. Unnoticed and often forgotten, the emotional and psychological scars experienced by victims of human trafficking and exploitation are an example of these largely ignored and unreported crisis. Yet, the impact such emergencies have on the well-being of human beings can be devastating and cause irreversible damage.  We call them «silent emergencies» because they don´t receive the attention or the support they deserve.

Human trafficking, and specifically child trafficking, is one of the most worrying, however least spoken of Nepal’s current humanitarian problems. Every year, thousands of Nepalese children are trafficked into India, many of them girls recruited into prostitution or sold as domestic slaves. Girls who are trafficked into the sex trade enter a life of unrelenting misery and exploitation, abused by an average of 14 “clients” per day.

Chora Chori
Credit: UiH

Whilst forced to work in sweatshops for several hours a day, boys endure a life of forced labour and slavery, living in inhumane conditions in closed, damp environments, not seeing day light and apart from the outside world

Trafficked children are left with deep, invisible emotional scars which can stay forever compromising their well-being, and their future. Without help, most of these children will not be able to live a healthy life, learn and achieve their full potential and become productive adults.

Unity in Health is pleased and proud to announce its new partnership with Chora Chori, one of Nepal’s strongest advocates for children victims of trafficking and exploitation. Chora Chori rescues Nepalese children from India, bringing them back to Nepal, offering them care and rehabilitation, and whenever possible, reuniting them with their families. In addition to offering direct support to children and their loved ones, ChoraChori advocates for the end of child trafficking, and for better law enforcement on human trafficking and exploitation in South Asia.

Some of Chora Chori’s & UiH’s staff, Godawari, Nov 2017. Credit: UiH

Through a comprehensive three-years programme, Unity in Health will support its new partner with the creation of a new Trauma Centre for children experiencing Post Traumatic Stress, Acute Stress and other mental health problems due to years of abuse and exploitation. Qualified child mental health specialists will be working alongside Chora Chori’s staff and provide best available, culturally-appropriate child mental health care to all boys and girls brought to Chora Chori’s Refuge on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

This challenging project aims to ensure that rescued children feel safe, self-confident and valued, despite their recent past. That they are once again able to trust, to learn and have opportunities to succeed and contribute to the development of their societies.

For more information on our partner please visit Chora Chori’s web page: www.chorachori.org.uk