Volunteer art student arrives to Nepal

Art is a powerful healing tool for people affected by mental illness or in emotional distress. It is one of many tools used in recovery from mental illness. For many of those living with a mental health condition, art is an incredibly effective way to connect with built-up emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. This can be accomplished through painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, music, and much more. We are therefore delighted to welcome Matilde Ferreira to Nepal, a final year art student from Portugal. Matilde will be working alongside UiH and our partners for one month, helping to paint and redecorate the NMC’s psychiatric ward, to produce new visual materials for UiH’s mental health promotion campaigns, and to share some of her skills with services’ beneficiaries.

Volunteer art student Matilde Ferreira at UiH’s office, Kathmandu.  |  Credit: UiH