Community Outreach visit to Rampur and Palpa, Nepal

Supporting rural communities to access high quality mental health care services is central to Unity in Health’s work. As on previous visits to Eastern Nepal, in May Unity in Health accompanied staff from Aashadeep and the Nepal Medical College on a trip to Rampur and Palpa, in the south-central  region of the Tarai belt.

Nepal lacks essential mental health care services. Those which do exist are concentrated in and around the valley of Kathmandu. People affected by mental illness and living in rural areas are often discriminated and ostracised by their own communities. Most have no access to trained health professionals, no financial means to purchase medication, no safe non-pharmacological alternatives to treatment and recovery. Mobile clinics such as the one provided by Aashadeep and the NMC’s dedicated staff are the only, often live saving option, available to those living in such communities.

At Unity in Health we feel privileged to work alongside such professionals and are determined to support the implementation of more of such clinics in other regions of Nepal.

Rampur & Palpa; Aashadeep & NMC staff; talking to students about mental health & emotional well-being.  |  Credit: UiH