UiH at a Glance

Numbers of trained health professionals across the globe remain patchy and unequal. In some regions, and in particular in those suffering from chronic deprivation of essential resources, severe shortages of qualified staff leave entire communities unable to meet their most basic health needs. This leaves them at risk of disease, prolonged ill-health, disability and of falling into further poverty.

People affected by mental illness are particularly vulnerable to the absence of health and social support. Without this, their chances of recovering, engaging in meaningful lives, and be active participants in community life and society in general are significantly reduced.

Unity in Health (UiH) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales since 2014 (Registered Charity Number: 1159008). Our Mission is to promote the training and empowerment of the healthcare workforce practicing in the field of mental health in low and middle-income countries and support the creation of  skilful work forces that have a central role in the reduction of health inequalities worldwide.