Planting the seeds for Occupational Therapy training in Nepal

OTs have an important role in reducing the impact of trauma, illness and impairment on disability and social exclusion. Whilst the people of Nepal experience some of the greatest burden of disability in the world, with only 8 OTs in the country we estimate there is only one OT for every 1/2 million disabled people. At UiH we are facilitating a debate concerning how we, with other key stakeholders, can promote the OT profession, build capacity in the OT profession and ultimately develop opportunities to train Nepali OTs.


Above: Marjorie Gardner (UiH UK), Luvana Shrestha (UiH Nepal ) and Dr Pradip Singh (NMC) at a mapping and needs analysis workshop of the current OT services in Nepal, with members of ANOT (Association of Nepalese Occupational Therapists). Kathmandu, March 2019. Credit: UiH