Gayathri Santhi-McBain, LLB

Gayathri Santhi-McBain, LLB

Gayathri Santhi-McBain pursued legal studies in the U.K. before commencing a career in journalism. This career took her to Brunei where she started a newspaper and gained insight into the issues of migrant workers.
Working for Standard and Poors, Gayathri covered the Asia-Pacific equity markets and then proceeded to write analysis and set benchmark prices for the oil industry with Platts-McGraw Hill where she took the position of Senior Editor.
From 2009-2013, Gayathri was a recruitment consultant for the commodities sector.
She has always been a feminist and social justice activist and has therefore, been involved with human rights groups in Malaysia and non-governmental organisations in Malaysia and Singapore since 1998.
She has engaged in fundraising activities for Transient Workers Count Too (a Singapore-based NGO) and hosted meetings to raise awareness for the issues faced by migrant workers for the past ten years.
Gayathri also works with the East London International Women’s Health Appeal, a voluntary organisation of medical professionals committed to eradicating maternal mortality in the developing world.
Gayathri has also launched a secret, not-so-secret feminist called “Word On Women” to bring together women of diverse backgrounds, careers (motherhood is a career too!) and ages to share ideas, support one another, hear from guest speakers about empowering women