Executive Summary

Unity in Health is a charity registered in England and Wales since October 2014.

As a young dynamic organisation, Unity in Health aims to address persistent gaps and deficiencies in mental health care education in low income countries. By supporting those who deliver care, Unity in Health hopes to contribute to the well-being of communities in regions where services are sparse, inadequate or non-existent.

Unity in Health’s principal strength lies in its small yet highly enthusiastic team, made up of a mix of health professionals and staff with experience in mental health care practice both in the UK and overseas. As an organisation with limited resources, a clear funding strategy is vital to achieving financial stability and for its field-based projects to be fruitful and successful. Competition for funds in the international development aid arena is strong, yet there are numerous opportunities for expansion, as so many world areas remain depleted of skilful, qualified mental health care staff and demand for long-term support is high.

Ambitious goals are defined for the coming 2019-2022 period, backed by solid partnerships with other governmental and non-governmental institutions, and by realistic operational plans focusing on projects reaching out to those where sustainable health care support is most required.  Key objectives include opening an office in Kathmandu, Nepal; expand our in-country activities in Sri Lanka; launch a mental health nursing training programme in Pakistan; and to ensure all our staff are remunerated.

Based on a spirit of exchange of knowledge and skills among different healthcare workforces worldwide, our overall long-term aim as a volunteer-based organisation consists of creating skilful, resourceful mental healthcare staff, by offering and facilitating specialist training, meaningful professional development opportunities, and support systems for informal carers where all of these are most needed. Above all, Unity in Health’s ethos is based on the belief that by sharing experiences and knowledge in healthcare practice, we can begin to address the challenge of world healthcare inequality in a sustainable and constructive manner, in the hope that this will bring us one step closer to a truly united, equal and fair world for all..

Unity in Health looks forward to the period ahead.

Note: Unity in Health is governed by a board of Trustees who meet regularly with Staff to discuss the charity’s strategic direction. The above strategy is therefore a live and flexible document subject to change and which might suffer alterations as UiH expands its services. For access to the full document please contact UiH’s team on info@unityinhealth.org