Syria submerged in a humanitarian crisis with no end in sight

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, over 12 million people in Syria are in need of aid. Approximately 8 million have been forced to leave their homes, and over the past five years some 3.8 million men, women and children have looked for shelter across neighbouring countries.


Image: Daily Telegraph 2015


The consequences of Syria’s ongoing war have so far been devastating, with millions suffering from trauma and ill-health. The UN estimates that one quarter of Syria’s schools have been damaged, and half of its hospitals destroyed. A significant number of health professionals has left the country, or more tragically, has been killed. Healthcare attention is now missing and in most need not only in Syria itself, but along the extensive refugee camps set up across the borders of other Middle Eastern nations.

The dimensions of this ongoing crisis are yet to be understood. The aftermath of this war with no end in sight, is unlikely to be anything else but long lasting and tragic. Unless the international community acts quickly and contributes to an effective political solution to this conflict, limited progress is expected to be seen over the coming months.

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