Thank you Selma, Jan and Tobias for fundraising for Unity in Health last year! We are so grateful for all the hard work you did in Nepal over the Summer months, and for thinking of Unity in Health when raising funds among family and friends!

Unity in Health is always on the look out for volunteers. Volunteers are a core part of our team. We welcome people with an array of skills and knowledge, and who want to support us with our day-to-day running of our online office, organising campaigns, fundraising or raising public awareness. We are especially interested to hear from :

. Expert Volunteers: Individuals with a mental health care qualification, experience in teaching and training others, in project management or management of others. If you are a health care professional or have experience in working in health care settings, and you have an interest in sharing your skills with colleagues living and working in low and middle income countries, then we are keen to hear from you.

. Skilled Volunteers: Individuals with experience in a particular skill or trade, and in volunteering/or international development.

. Healthcare students: Mental health related final year students, fluent in English and with experience in volunteering (like Selma, Jan and Tobias).

Most of UIH’s current programmes rely on the support of volunteers, who are directly involved in the delivery and management of projects both home and abroad. Volunteering is above all a two-way process, and with Unity in Health is an opportunity to make new friends, experience new realities, and discover skills and talents you might have never realised you had.


s with Unity in Health, please write to

Above: Jan, Selma and Tobias at their fundraising event. Credit: UiH