Bringing much needed mental health care to remote areas of Nepal is one of UiH’s main projects in this country. Done in partnership with the Nepal Medical College (NMC), UiH brings mental health care in the form of healthcare professionals, medication and logistical support to remote communities otherwise deprived of any form of mental health support.

With one of the highest suicide rates in the country, this eastern bordering region of Nepal lacks essential mental health care facilities and trained professionals able to meet the needs of local residents. UiH plans to visit Ilam (Sandakpur district) once a month for the next two years. Through our mobile clinic, ours and our partner’s objective is not only to offer much needed mental health care, but to build local capacity and develop sustainable response mechanisms which are culturally appropriate and run by local staff. One of our most challenging but exciting projects, which we intend to replicate in other areas of South Asia.