World Café – Nursing & Mental Health Care

Nursing and Mental health care – what fears and concerns do nurses have around mental health care? How do nurses respond to the emotional needs of patients? What kind of training around mental health care and emotional well-being do nurses welcome?

In April, and as part of its three-year mental health training programme for staff working in a general health care setting,  Unity in Health organised a World Café with over 50 general nurses working at the Nepal Medical College (NMC), Kathmandu. This was an opportunity to bring nurses together, to find out about their work experience, and to hear their thoughts and views on the importance of mental health care in general inpatient settings. All participants were encouraged to take part in the design of the future training programme, and to build a work force more aware of and responsive to those experiencing mental health problems.

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Nurses, doctors and UiH’s staff, NMC, April 2018.  |  Credit: UiH